Bandwagon is live

Launching on time--just a little bit before midnight by my Pacific time clock--Bandwagon is live. This iTunes backup solution is the best I've used yet. It runs in the background, backing up your library to S3 servers while you go about your business. You can set which library items it backs up and which it excludes.

I've been using it for a month or more, through the beta period, and it's certainly been the easiest backup solution I've used. I don't have to fuss with DVDs, or Automator scripts, or making a redundant library on an external. It just works. Had I written this piece today, I could have summed it up in a word: bandwagon. Don't take my word for it, give the 30 day trial a shot (it's only a buck!).

Congrats to Terence and the rest of the Xackup crew on a successful product launch.

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