iPod Photo: Just A Small Part of the Picture

The new iPod Photo is destined to be the buzz of the tech community and hot Christmas present this year. What's it do? As Apple notes, it's for "Letting you carry an entire library of your favorite music — up to 15,000 songs — or enough photos — as many as 25,000 — to fill nearly 200 slide trays or cover nearly 5,000 square feet of wall space." With 40 and 60 GB models, you could hold your own Ansel Adams show in your pocket.

Let us be the first to say, we're not impressed.

Don't get us wrong. We'd love to have it. If you're looking to drop $600 on us, we'd gladly accept it. Although, truth be told, we'd rather spend it on a camera that takes pictures, rather than a device that holds them.

Yes, album art is very cool, as is auto-syncing with iPhoto. But we can, and do, already store photos on our iPod. And previous experience with mp3 hard drives-cum-photo viewers has left us decidedly uninspired. Yes. This one is better. Yes. This one is cooler. Yes, this one goes to eleven.

But what we really want is video.

And for this sole reason, we are excited about the new iPod because it seems to crack open the door to that possibility, if only a little bit, enough to let some light shine through and send the cockroaches scurrying. This is particularly true, we think, thanks to the new iPod Photo's included composite AV cable which will alllow yout o hook your iPod up to a TV and bore your friends with your suck-ass pictures set to that gawdawful hipster music you insist on listening to.

But we have long maintained that the iTMS is the next Amazon. This product offering seems to confirm that. Once it can play video, Apple can in turn sell video from the iTMS (which would be transformed, naturally enough, into the iTunes Multimedia Store, we assume.) Imagine. You log into the iTMS, purchase a movie, download it overnight, and store and view it on your iPod, with hookups to connect it to your television and the option to burn it to DVD.

There's no RF. The games, though in color, still suck. And we're still waiting for an iPod with an FM Tuner. But this is a huge, and welcome step on the road to video.

PS: Mad Props to Think Secret, they were right on the money with this one.


iPodRF on the Way?

Mac Minute is reporting that Apple's iPod division is looking for an RF engineer, "hinting that the iPod could gain radio capabilities... [with a] thorough knowledge of modulation methods, coding, compression or encryption... Last month, MacMinute reported that Apple was looking for two iPod hardware engineers with both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi experience."

We think this is great news. It definitely seems--particularly due to the compression and encryption lines--as if Apple is looking into opening up the iPod to two way radio communications. Whether that means syncing via Bluetoooth, transmitting via WiFi, or perhaps installing an FM Tuner, recorder and transmitter that serves the same purpose as the iTrip, radio frequency is a welcome addition to the iPod in any capacity.


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