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Wil Shipley Interview

Infinite Loop has a great interview with Wil Shipley up today. Wil's a sharp, friendly guy, I remember speaking to him when I reviewed Delicious Monster, and again at a Macworld Expo. Great interview today, and it is loaded with gems like this that help explain why his software works so well:
I'm intentionally waiting to buy a Core 2 Duo machine until I ship Delicious Library 2, because Delicious Library 2 runs so fast on the Core 2 Duos it would be unfair for me to use one day-to-day—I'd never optimize my code, and people stuck on old PowerBooks would hate me. I know a company where they recently bought every engineer a 30-inch display, and my thought was, 'Oh, man, it's gonna be hard to use their apps on a portable... .' There are so many problems you don't solve unless they are bothering you personally.



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