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Return to Sender

Best Buy returns table
I noticed something interesting at the Bowling Green, Kentucky Best Buy just after Christmas. The returns table was loaded with mp3 players of nearly every imaginable stripe, but not a single iPod.

I wonder how many of these were gifts that were returned because they simply weren't iPods, and Johnny only wants an iPod because that's what all his friends have. As Michael Gartenberg said to me:
“Kleenex is a generic brand for all tissues. You go to Walgreens and any box of tissues is ‘Kleenex.’ ‘Tivo’ is a generic term for DVR, any DVR is a ‘Tivo,’” Gartenberg said. “‘iPod’ is not generic for an MP3 player. Woe unto the consumer who bought something else as a gift thinking they were buying an iPod. It has not become a generic product; it’s a very specific product, from a very specific company, with white headphones, and heaven forbid the consumer erred and got that wrong.”



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