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Podbrix 1984 Playset Goes on sale tomorrow

Tomi's got another minifig set for sale. This one is the coolest yet:

We humbly present to you the PodBrix master work. The 1984 Playset was envisioned from the beginning of PodBrix but only now has been realized. Including an intricately detailed "runner" minifig, two riot police minifigs and an audience of twelve figures, this brick-based work is inspired by the classic TV commercial and features over eighty parts. A static LED backlit movie screen complete with a minifig style "Big Brother" completes the effect.

The 1984 Playset is a limited edition of only 100 units, each signed and numbered by Tomi. Each unit is hand-crafted to order and requires some simple assembly. Three AA batteries (not included) power the LED backlight for the screen.

The 1984 Playset will be available for sale on Wednesday August 2nd at 9:00pm EST for $198.99 each.

what a great idea! what a brilliant way to honour one of the greatest adverts!



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