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Installing XP on a MacBook in 25 easy steps; How to

1. Go to Office Depot and blow $200 on Win XP.
2. Download BootCamp and Parallels
3. Install BootCamp Assistant
4. Burn drivers CD
5. Partition drive
6. Insert XP CD
7. Wonder what those noises are
8. Curse, as MacBook fails to recognize XP CD, spitting it back at you
9. Read Apple discussion forums with multiple reports of similar problem and cringe.
10. Repeat steps 6 through 10 for approximately 30 minutes.
11. Idea!
12. Start up Mac Mini as FireWire slave drive to MacBook
13. Insert XP install CD to Mac Mini optical drive
14. Try to run CD via Mac Mini.
15. Denied :-(
16. Fire up Disc Utility
17. Create .cdr disc image of XP CD from Mac Mini, save to desktop of MacBook
18. Encourage process to go faster by swearing
19. Annoy people you don't realy know all that well via AIM, hoping for moral support
20. Launch Parallels
21. Create Win XP virtual machine
22. Choose to install from Disc Image
23. Call Andre to tell him you're a fucking bad ass
24. Watch install process with anxiety
25. Start!

:))) true true!!!!! :)))



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