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In which I review iPod alarm clock systems

Playlist just ran my review of the iLuv i177 and JBL On Time. I liked the iLuv, but was just sort of lukewarm on the JBL. Yeah, it had better sound, but the alarm clock was the suck, and that industrial design, while pretty to look at, makes for a shitty bedside accessory. Who needs spatial sound in an alarm clock? I mean, aren't you just going to shut it off as soon as possible? And do you really want to wake up to a subwoofer? I don't. But I suppose it makes a nice all-in-one unit for dorm dwellers.

The best solution for me is to have the Logitech MM50 speakers and using the iPod´s included alarm clock while it´s in the base. You get better sound quality, a remote and the advantage of using batteries just in case of a blackout, in a very compact package.



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