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For those who complain that the iTunes Music Store is too much in the business of censorship, allow me to present Venetian Snares' album, Horse & Goat.

It's not the music that's offensive as much as it is the album cover itself which features a... a... I don't really even know where to start. A lot of stuff.

The snares are not alone, of course. The Dwarves album, The Dwarves Must Die (full disclosure: I was once Blag's editor at a webzine) comes immediately to mind.

Obviously, if Apple could use its bots to censor every album with potentially offensive artwork, it probably would. But it can't. And it leaves you to wonder why words like piss, shit, fuck, and cocksucker are edited out. They're still in the songs. And the album art that gets displayed... Well, if you aren't offended by bloody topless women nailing* a dwarf to a cross, you, my friend, are probably not writing enough letters to your Senator about the shit you see on TV.

I don't really have a point here. I am pointless, I know. I guess I just find it odd to see the word F**k censored out to protect the chilluns, immediately next to a picture of a nipple:

But maybe it's just me.

*yes, I know, they aren't actually nailing. but, hey, hyperbole! And thanks Jesse, who first noticed this



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