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The nine minute waxy widget

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So unless you either live in a tree in Borneo with a smelly but lovable orangutan, or are not a big nerd, you probably already know that some MacBook Pros have been shipping with a widget creation app called Dashcode. I downloaded it and played around with it a bit the other day, and was absolutely blown away by how easy it was.

Though, truth be told, my Frank Chu auto-gibberish widget went nowhere.

But today I decided to do a little experiment. I wanted to see ow long would it take me to build a widget, with custom art, with a feed from one of my most frequently-visited sites (and the only one I know of maintained by a former Kids Incorporated telemavision star), waxy's links. The answer? Less than seven minutes, from launching Dashcode to exporting it to my desktop. I did go back and tweak the layout a bit, and changed the default number of items from 5 to 10, but even that took less than two minutes.

So, check it out, it's yours to download, the nine minute waxy widget:



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