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The Great Disappointment

Remember William Miller? No? He was the 19th century preacher who studied the book of Daniel and decided that the second coming was going to take place on March 21, 1843. And on March 21, 1843, when Jesus didn't come again, and Miller and his followers--the Millerites--were left scratching their heads and wondering WTF, yo until they figured out Oh yeah! There's no year zero in the Gregorian Calendar! and then everyone was all, like, duh and then they all did some more math and got ready for the big shindig in the sky to take place on October 22, 1844.

And then, came October 23, 1844. And lo, but there was a Great Disappointment.

On a completely unrelated note: Think Secret now says the MacBook's release has been postponed by a week due to "supply issues."



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