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Who says Republicans aren't into technology and the arts? W has already jibber jabbered about his Presidential iPod. And now, apparently in lieu of competent governance, the Republican Party has decided to get in on the iPod express by giving away a special GOP-edition iPod to "the hosts of the five MyGOP house parties that raise the most money for the Republican Party through MyGOP from 10 or more friends". My Gop, that's some incentive! Let's hope that the real thing looks better than this hackey Photoshop Paint Shop Pro pen and ink shimsham job; the edges haven't even been smoothed.

And, er, does anyone else find it hilarious that Steve Jobs's wife, Laurene Powell Jobs, has already forked over more than $18,000 to Democrats in 2006 alone? No? It's just me? I made the eagle cry? Oh, I need to get out of San Francisco more often. Really I do. Finger on the pulse, Mat, finger on the pulse.

Looks a bit like a coffin.



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