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Analyzing the new Mac TV ads

I've got a story up on Macworld (it went up Friday but I was busy) Macworld: analyzing Apple's latest TV ads:
In heavy rotation on television channels across the country, Apple’s new commercials feature John Hodgman, The Daily Show resident expert and author of The Areas of My Expertise as a stodgy PC in a grey suit, juxtaposed with a Mac—a young, hipster in a jeans and t-shirt—portrayed by Justin Long of Dodgeball and Ed. The two banter about various things—viruses, software, slow jams—all of which are designed to show off the Mac’s strengths.

So how do the new crop of ads do? Macworld invited a panel of experts to comment on the TBWA\Chiat\Day-produced spots. Hoag Levins is executive producer of AdAge.com, the Web site of Advertising Age; Barbara Lippert is a columnist for AdWeek Magazine, and Seth Stevenson writes Slate Magazine’s Ad Report Card. We asked them for their opinions on each ad, as well as the overall campaign.



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