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Woz on Woz

I've met and interviewed Woz before. He's a hell of a nice guy. Almost childlike. And that's why reading this interview with him in the Seattle Times made me incredibly sad. Now, I've never met or had anything to do with the yin to Woz' yang. The other Steve. You know. But I've oft-gotten the impression that he could be, oh, I don't know, a bit of an ass?
Q. What can we expect from the book [you have coming out soon]?

A. You can expect stories about what really happened, how things were really done, key elements of it. I was a little disappointed — Steve Jobs had indicated he'd write a forward. But he'd never written a forward before and I said, 'Just write what we were like back then.'

We sent him the book and he said, 'Oh, I saw some excerpts, and I'm going to decline writing the forward.' I don't know why because I'm nice to him, so there must have been something he didn't like.

Q. Are you still close friends?

A. Not close friends. Even when Apple really got started we weren't close friends because he had a different motivation in the company, which was to run a company, and mine was just to be a top engineer that did clever, clever projects. So we almost never saw each other in the company."

[via macobserver

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power hungry ass.. steve jobs

money hungry.. steve jobs

He's done some awesome things in the past, but I really can't imagine him being much of a people person.

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I love your blog and my view of this story is that considering that it is probally a big time for Apple I can see why Jobs would not want to co auther a book but you would think that a foward to a little book would not be that hard or time consumeing to do. Maybe Jobs is gearing up for another big Apple event or somthing. Man Jobs really needs to maintain a relation with the company's co-founder, what a mistake.

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