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Two new stories up at Macworld

I covered Apple v. Does for Macworld this morning, and it was a remarkably contentious event. It was a fascinating case, touching on what it means to be a journalist, what kind of protections journalist are afforded under law, and the nature of trade secrets. My gut feeling is that Apple is going to lose this round and the appeals court is going to reverse the decision of the trial court. I say that because two of the three judges seemed, well, openly hostile to Apple's position.

My other story is on Apple's conference cal yesterday. While it lacks the drama of a courtroom brawl, it's still a pretty interesting snapshot of a company in the midst of a major transition.

wow first comment and it doesn't have much to do with the subject aside from a question about an Apple product; Whats your take on the ihome iH5 and the iH26?
Thanks and sorry for not being on topic so much!



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