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Playlist: Podcasting lets an animated dog have its day

I have a new story up on Playlist today. It's an interview with Doug Bresler of Doogtoons.:
Doogtoons is Bresler’s brilliantly idiosyncratic cartoon following the lives of two of his friends Nick and Haig. It’s one of a growing number of short animated podcasts to be found on the iTunes Music Store. The show is largely a collection of recordings of Bresler’s friends. Ribald, offbeat, and sometimes poignant, it’s the type of series that doesn’t lend itself to easy descriptions and would probably have been a hard sell had Bresler gone through traditional channels. Yet following the show’s success on iTunes, Bresler has inked a deal with G4 TV, where Doogtoons will begin airing in about a month, though it will continue to be podcast. We spoke with Bresler last week during his lunch break and, over the sounds of Los Angeles-area traffic, he told us the secret of Doogtoons success.



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