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Lean in close to my little record player on the floor

I nearly choked on my damn bourbon this morning when I read the following sign of the apolcalypse in today's Times:
Fisher-Price will launch the “iTod”, its first MP3 player aimed at infants, this summer. The device comes with tiny volume-restricted headphones, while an iTunes-style online store will sell parentally approved songs for the player.

The Bratz dolls led the digital advance with a £40 MP3 player for six-year-olds, but younger children are now the target.

Fisher-Price, a subsidiary of Mattel, the top-selling toymaker, has been developing the Digital Song & Story Player, for children aged three and upwards.

The £45 device will come loaded with six songs and two spoken-word stories. Toddlers unable to read will rely on icons to symbolise each song, such as a star for Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.
I fluctuated from outraged to incensed to angry as I read about the iTod. (And is Apple really going to let them call it iTod? Well, it does reinforce the brand at an early age.) And then I tried to rememebr when I first began to be platy music on my own, and could not. I do remember playing Iranian bootlegs of Beatles tapes on a small, red Panasonic tape player on the floor of my room. But I must have been six years-old at this point. And it wasn't mine. And I'm sure it didn't cost $78.50. I digress.

My main point is that infants and small children should only be given scorn and derision as gifts. Not consumer electronics.

Holy crap. I think I'll hurl now.

I don't know if you know about this too, but in Mexico there have been selling cellphones for infants too now.. With like three buttons and stuff. These kind of things really make us think what we have come to. Great Blog!

iPod sounds good. Also the cellphones (from above comment).

Sounds like magical, fun things for kids.


The sad thing is that we're reinforcing the idea of excessive consumerism at such an early age! How far will some people go to make a buck?! And why can't they leave children out of it?!

I don't see how this is sick, wrong, or sad as much as it is hilarious.

The six-year olds I know don't really care about playing music anyways, they are too hung up in their gameboys. (yes, they play gameboy) Although, I don't know too many 6-year olds... I'm a college student, not a nanny.



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