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iAlertU: Crime Busting Awesomeness

You know how awesomely effective car alarms are? How every time one goes off, you grab your Glock or call the cops and run to the window to thwart a felony in progress? Imagine that same degree of awesome crime-fightingness brought right into your own office, every day. Sounds awesome, doesn't it? Well, you don't have to imagine anymore, because iAlertU has made your dream a reality!

All snarkiness aside, it's a decidedly cool concept. An alarm for your MacBook Pro that relies on its motion sensor. Check out the YouTube video here
[via DVK3]

Hey Mat, i've seen your blog, it's real nice.
just wanted to let you know that it's title : machunan , means - a gifted child (mentaly),in hebrew, thats it.

Man, if you work in an office where you can't even trust your colleagues not to swipe your laptop... time to change jobs!

I doubt anyone would steal an Intel core Mac from my office. They wouldn't know what software to run! Cool concept for the alarm, though.

What would be cool is if the computer called your cell phone when it is being jacked.



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