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Hi Blogger!

Hello Blogger users. My name is Mat and this is my web site. Well. One of them, at least. I cover Mac and iPod-related flim-flammery, and occasionally I post videos of myself weeping while driving. In addition to the quick hits you see below, I sometimes post longer form entries as well. These are a few of my favorites:Please, come back and visit again soon! Next time, I'll make some spinach dip and we can discuss our feelings. Oh! And if you like what you see, you can subscribe to my feed here

Hi Mat

I discover your blog in the blogger top blogs. First of all I apologise for my poor english.

I understand that you are dealing with Mac, IPods... and if you don't mind Iwould like to ask you some help concerning the way I can explore my Mac when I am posting im my blog. I mean, when I try to make different texts with bigger letters or different colours, with my Mac I can't, using the template of the blogger.
My blog is http://euemmadagascar.blogspot.com, and if you have a look you understand that I just can writte with sample letters, or at least, I don't know another way.

sorry to disturb you...

Congratulations for your nice work in this blog.


Great Blog!

This "boot camp" which you describe sounds much more appealing than any boot camp I would have imagined...it makes you wonder who is in charge of brand management at apple and how can these guys be the same company who marketed the imac and the ipod.


first off,i have to admit a massive lack of interest in all things mac related (except my ipod cos its acting up big time but i think i'd need to sell my soul before that'd ever sort itself out). main reason i followed the "blogs of note" is cos we share a surname and you're the first honan ive come across who's not from the clare/south galway region in ireland. we're a rare breed. anyway, keep up the good work.

conal - my family is from West Clare.

Mat: I like you. You've got promise. So I offer you this advice: You don't get to be a winner by associating with losers. And MAC/Apple is a loser. A war was fought, they lost. BetaMax was a fine tape, but it lost. Ireland is a fine country, but move on.

iam frome iran
ican not sspeack english well
but i saw your bloge
its the best

Welcome to my blog!

Cool guestbook, interesting information... Keep it UP
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