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Bytten: quick hits for 04.28

  • "We hear you loud and clear" responded Steve Jobs when pressed about Apple's plans for making *THE ULTIMATE MEDIA CENTER*, Thursday at their annual shareholder meeting in Cupertino. Steve plays this event by the book, eventually going on to talk up the product pipeline at Apple as "the best I've ever seen in my life". Rrreally? Macworld has details.

  • Primetime: Apple takes to the airwaves next week for a May sweeps assault. Jobs refused to comment on details of the coming television campaign, but assured nervous shareholders that it would be condescending, filmed entirely in a white room, and feature only smug looking people dressed in space suits.

  • Observed: DLO's HomeDock Deluxe. Finished watching Apple ads? Browse and control your iPod from the comfort of your large buttocks.

  • In the category of things I've been wanting to need, The Apple Blog tackles syncing your PSP with your Mac.



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