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Boot Camp: And what about games

Peter Cohen, the Mac gaming guru, takes a look at using Boot Camp to set up your Mac to play PC-only games.
So while Windows could be installed using the hackers’ method [to install Windows on an Intel Mac], it wasn’t something that anyone could do easily. It was a lot of work to manage. And it didn't provide fast enough performance for gaming.

All three of those roadblocks disappeared with Boot Camp. Installing the software is as easy as falling off a log; the performance is great; and what’s more, it’s non-destructive: You don’t have to reformat your hard disk to make it work.

I’ve been playing with Windows XP SP2 on a 20-inch Intel-based iMac. And it really works quite remarkably. I’ve thrown a bunch of game demos and full games at it, and I haven’t found one yet that doesn’t work.

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