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Because you WILL need to force quit

Michael Gartenberg points out something I never would have thought of about running Windows on a MacBook:
The MacBook delete key is actually what Windows thinks is a backspace key. There is no delete key on a Macbook and that means, there's no way to do alt-control-delete.
Don't fret. He has a fix.

Ahaha, I found that mildly funny. lol

Some say if you go mac you'll never go back. Others say window is the way to go. But why merge the two and lose the bennefits of either? Just wondering where the delete button is.


You think there is any chance of (sometime in the future) phasing out MAC OS and using Windows on all new intel macs......?

I can't imagine that working. I would think that the majority of mac users would switch to something else.

Sure, yeah, it would open up a whole new market to Apple but, DO THEY REALLY WANT TO GO DOWN THAT ROAD.

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get a life matt...and maybe a girlfriend...lol.



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