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5th avenue Mac

Apple took the wraps off of its Fifth Avenue store in Manhattan. It looks, well, like a big cube. A big black and glass cube. I can understand all the fuss.

What is up witht he dual booting?


I'm holding out for the Prada branded Mac personally...

You've probably been told a million times before....but your blog description says "opinons".

You've probably been told a million times before....but your blog description says "opinons".

No! That was a first, thanks!

Even the shops wear black in NYC.

you are so cool

Prada mac

A rousing HUH?

Apple is so lame, im sorry. But I have one, and it is lame. Oh and it does still crash.


Apple is so lame, im sorry.

It's okay, I accept your apology.

But I have one, and it is lame.

That's terrible. Was it ever ambulatory?

Oh and it does still crash.

Have you tried setting it on fire? Sometimes that helps. Give it a try.

I dunno. I think Apple with Windows might be Death's Head, like Aol and Time warner... i hope not.

Goes well with their general image I guess. But aren't they on the merge of becoming a little bit TO arty?

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Mat,I find the comments REALLY hard to read on this page. Everything looks like poetry. And the ones in which you answer another comment line by line are practically impossible to understand. Please change the look and feel of your site to suit my needs. That is all. Love, Kenny



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