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Mossberg on Mini

Walter Mossberg is all about the Mac mini today:
This is a review of an interesting new entertainment-center component that happens to also be a personal computer -- a computer fully capable of, say, creating a spreadsheet, but one you might never use that way. This new product also happens to be a new Macintosh model from Apple Computer, but, in its entertainment-system role, it works perfectly with Windows computers.
OMG! Snap!

WM doesn't really get into the Mini's specs or performance in any meaningful way other than how it works as a media center--which pretty much seems to sum up how Mossberg views it. Essentially, he's looking at it purely from its capablities as a media center.

Speaking from personal experience, that makes sense. Our mini is almost entirely used as a media center (and this is the old model, before Front Row). When I want to do some, you know, computing, I unplug my display and jack it into my PowerBook. Aside from the odd iChat or web browsing, it pretty much exists to deliver music to the home entertainment system.

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