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Mini Reviewed: Core Solo Slower, Perhaps due to Carbonite Freezing Process

My editor and show-seeing buddy Jon Seff posted his review of the new Intel Mac minis. Both of them get four mice, but he dings both for the integrated graphics and the toils and tribulations one must endure (oh, but endure we shall!) in order to upgrade the RAM. He also notes that the Core Solo model doesn't show the same performance gains over the G4 minis that the Core Duo does.

Either way, Seff's review is chock full of pros: Front Row, built-in Airport Extreme and Bluetooth 2, more USB ports than a back room at Belkin. And of course there's the performance. The Core Duo smoked a lot of the universal binary apps, though Photoshop drones who want a new machine should note that the G4 still rules that roost.

Please, Adobe, won't you give us the Universal sooner rather than later? We're begging.

In any case, the review is chock full of specs, and it's a must-read if you're considering buying a new machine.

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