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the iTruth Music Store

The Daily Show and The Colbert Report are on the iTunes Music Store now. These are the first, er, daily shows that I know of to go up on the iTMS. That is to say, the first shows with several episodes per week.

Probably because of the frequency, Apple seems to be experimenting with a new type of pricing structure. Instead of being $1.99 per episode and thirty or so bucks per season, Apple is offering something called a "Multi-pass." For ten bucks (oh, fact-check me, it's $9.99, truthizens) you get the current episode, plus the next 15 (for sixteen total, it appears) all of which will be downloaded to your machine as they become available.

I'm glad to see some more shows from a new network, but even happier to see the new price structure. I don't think the TV shows are much of a bargain to purchase by the season. As for the price per episode, yeah, if I'm on a plane, or missed Bree's latest shenanigans (oh, Bree, will you ever get off the sauce and repair your relationship with your son? He just wants love!) I don't mind paying $1.99. But $30 for a season pass seems a little steep. Although it's still a little expensive, it's good to see that Apple isn't wed to its pricing model for television.

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