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I don't know what to make of the whole iPod AV thing. While on the one hand, it looks as bogus as a Hong Kong DVD, and it's playing a movie made by a Disney/Pixar competitor (which you wouldn't imagine would go over too well with The Boss). On the other, MacShrine just posted a cease and desist letter from Apple's lawyers. And then there's the video.

My take? Bologna, you can take that C&D and slap it between two pieces of bread and some cheese.

Why would Apple use the DMCA to go after a trade secret? The DMCA is there to protect copyrighted material. It makes it a crime to circumvent copy protection measures using electronic means, and it outlaws the sale of software, hardware, etc., that's intended to be used to circumvent those protections.

Apple used the DMCA to go after Real and others who have tampered with iTunes DRM, and it slapped the OSx86 project with a DMCA notice as well.

But posting pictures isn't a DMCA violation; it's a violation of Apple's trade secrets. In the past, Apple's C&Ds have (accurately) focused on trade secrets. (Also, they didn't appear to be written by three-year-olds, as is the case with the MacShrine notice.) The DMCA notice just doesn't make any sense. Here's the part where I say, "now, I'm no lawyer." But in my opinion, either MacShrine was hoaxed, or they themselves are full of it.



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