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Bytten: Quick hits

Oh! Goodness sakes it's Friday already and time to drive the snakes out. So pour me a green Guinness and let's get to converting. Did you know St. Patrick was English? Indeed. But like any good switcher, he was too smart to stay put.
  • BusinessWeek takes a break from obnoxious flash ads for a sec to note that the MacBook Pro and Mac mini are two juicy new Apples, if you know what I'm saying. Aw yeah. Hell yeah you do. Let's get to it. Got it? Good. And now back to our regularly scheduled monkey punching and palm pilot plethoras.
  • Consumer Reports calls the iPod Hi-Fi "disappointing." In fact that's the headline: iPod Hi-Fi is disappointing. Ouch! So what about the subhed? A lot of times you can qualify an outrageous hed with a nice subhed. This boom box for your iPod has so-so audio quality. Oh, yeah, okay then. Not much better, that. But, um... How about the caption? The caption's good, right? I bet the caption is awesome! They said what? NOT SO HI-FI? Oh, well then. Moving along. [via tuaw]
  • Meanwhile, also on the Hi-Fi front, Denon responds to Steve Job's Denon shout-out during the Hi-Fi launch noting that "[i]t was a grandiose statement that was made and maybe we should be flattered that they picked us, but it’s a completely different animal."
  • Leander posted the pictures of the fried MacBook Pro power connector on Cult of Mac today that were pulled from Flikr. My opinion on this? It's not censorship. Apple did right by him and he pulled the PR-nightmare photos.
  • Finally, Apple has pretty cool new iPod nano ad

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