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Bytten: Quick Hits on the new Intel systems

The new Intel systems are starting to really get scoped out. Mossberg, the Godfather of tech journalists, posted his review of the MacBook Pro today:
My verdict: The MacBook Pro is better than the PowerBook and better than the H-P, though it has some drawbacks. It is faster than previous Apple laptops, but the speedup isn't as great as Apple's claims suggest. At a starting price of $1,999, the same as the PowerBook it replaces, the MacBook Pro costs more than the H-P. But in my opinion, the price premium is more than justified by its superior design and features.
Meanwhile at Macworld, Jason Snell whips out his putty knife and cracks open a new Intel Mac mini, noting :
[T]here’s one gigantic change that may not be apparent from this angle: the easily-accessible RAM slot on the left side is gone. Or to be more accurate, they’ve been turned on their side and hidden from view.
Looks like if you want to upgrade the RAM in the new mini's you'll need to take it back to Apple to do so. (Not that I'd crack open one of the previous models myself.)

Also over at Macworld, Rob Griffiths has a story titled "Keeping Mac mini's integrated graphics in perspective which does wade into the integrated graphics imbroglio, but spends even more time comparing the Mac mini to a Dell system and evaluating its value. As Griffiths (and others previously) points out; yeah, the mini went up $100, but it's also got AirPort Extreme, Bluetooth and two more USB ports built in. I paid extra for all those (hi, ministack!) and I'd strangle a leper to get an S-Video output. And then there's FrontRow. Yeah, it's more expensive, but it's a better deal.

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