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Bluetooth: Innocent Danish-themed technology that might be coming to the iPod, or radio frequency of evil out to destroy America?

Dear reader. I apologize for my late posting today. However I hopefully shall make it up to you with biscuits and gifts. Stay with me. I'm going to juxtapose two pieces of seemingly unrelated information together, and draw some conclusions.

The first is the persistent rumor that keeps circulating about a Bluetooth iPod, one that reared its head again today on AppleInsider. The second is the new Audex Cargo Jacket from Burton, which differs from its predecessor in one very significant way: Bluetooth. As Brian Lam notes in his GadgetLab writeup:
this Burton coat is stuffed with Motorola tech. It has speakers in the hood for my iPod, and when my phone rings, the music pauses while I take the call using Bluetooth and a built-in mike.
And here's the thing where I tie two seemingly unrelated pieces of information together: the jacket will work with Bluetooth iPods. Why do I say that? Well, because a well-placed source (let's call them Deep Coat) told me months ago that the then-forthcoming jacket would play nice with the next-generation of iPods with Bluetooth.

"I'm sorry," I quizzed Deep Coat, my heart beating faster than Scorsese's during the filming of The Last Waltz. "Did you say Bluetooth iPods?"

"Yes," replied Deep Coat, no doubt paraphrasing, "Motorola told me it will work with the new Bluetooth iPods."

At that point I dropped my sandwich and ran out of the underground parking garage all the way home, only stopping for another sandwich. And to see a movie. And to get some new cables for my TV at Frys. But there you have it. Or, maybe you have it. Well-placed sources have been wrong before. And since.

But signs are increasingly pointing towards a wireless iPod. Maybe it's an iPod phone (the long-running rumors of which have recently been resurrected from the dead). Or it could have been an allusion to the ROKR and SLVR, although the ROKR had already been announced at that point. Or, of course, it indeed could be a new flavor of iPod with Bluetooth headphones. In any case, Deep Coat didn't give up any details, and without them I'm just trafficing in rumors. So I guess I'll just have to wait and see. Or hear, as the case may be.

Hey Mat,

This is a good post....even I have also read of Audex Burton Jackets...which are Bluetooth enabled ...but i have not read anywhere about they being compatible with Bluetooth iPods( is there a Bluetooth enabled iPod???)....yah but these jackets are very much compatible with cell phones....any ways I have not read any where about these jackets compatible with Bluetooth iPods

Hi viky,

is there a Bluetooth enabled iPod???

Not yet! But I think one is one the way. Of course, I'm an idiot, so take that with a grain of salt.

And thanks for the kind words.

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