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Playlist Review: MobiBlu DAH-1500i

I've got a recent review up on the MobiBlu DAH-1500i on Playlist
MobiBlu’s diminutive MP3 player, the DAH-1500i, packs a few miles of features into a player that measures less than one cubic inch. In addition to the MP3 player, it sports an FM tuner and recorder, voice recorder, file storage, and a clock. It also has an equalizer with five presets and one user-defined setting, and an SRS function to enhance bass and surround sound.

In short, the MobiBlu does a lot of things in a little space. Unfortunately, while it does some of them quite well, others features suffer thanks to the player’s size restraints. If you want a gee-whiz gadget that’s the smallest (for now) thing out there, and you don’t necessarily care about the interface, this is a great little device. However if you’re more interested in an on-the-go music player, there are a number of flash players out there that accomplish everything the MobiBlu while being easier to use—granted, other players are slightly larger, but they’re still small enough to slip easily into a coin pocket.

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