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Playlist: Make mine with music: Preloaded iPods

I have a new story up on Playlist on the trend of selling loaded iPods. I thought it was pretty interesting. Playlist: Make mine with music: Preloaded iPods:
There’s a hot new trend in iPods, and for a change it has nothing to do with Apple: iPods for sale, pre-loaded with content. Shuffles, videos and nanos. Classical, Jazz, and Hip-hop. Pick your player and your musical poison, and a reseller will ship it directly to your doorstep. No more ripping CDs or DVDs. No more downloading. Just Gigabytes of audio and video, pre-loaded on the world’s most popular player.
While eBayers and others who want to sell a used player laden with copyrighted music are most definitely courting trouble with the copyright watchdogs such as the Recording Industry Association of America, a handful of companies are exploring legal avenues to sell loaded iPods. These services are typically marketed as timesavers and solutions for anyone without a high-speed Internet connection or who wants to give an iPod as a gift.

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