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The Olympics on iTunes

You're probably reading the title of this post and saying to yourself, whoa, the Olympics are on iTunes!? Well, sort of. And by sort of, I mean no. They're not.

Which is a real missed opportunity. NBC is already licensing content to Apple's iTunes Music Store, and not putting the Olympics up there is simply stupid.

Let me back up. I've got Olympic fever. I've been watching ice dancing, for crying out loud. Ice dancing! Have you seen how completely inane ice dancing is? Nevermind. I'm hooked. Dance, oh, you billowing masters of the chilly cha-cha. Dance for me across the frozen fields of passion and time.

Okay, so I've actually been fast-forwarding through most of the ice dancing. But I have been watching the Olympics every night. Except for one, when I fell asleep early and missed the finals of the men's figure skating competition. Which I wanted to see, because I'm completely emasculated.

And I wanted to see that troublesome scamp Johnny Weir mince his way into America's hearts. But I didn't see it. And TiVo purged it before I had a chance to watch. Oh, TiVo, why do you hate us?

I've tried to find it on NBC's site, but I keep having problems navigating the pages with my eyes closed, in an effort not to see the spoilers plastered all over the place. Oh, and I have another problem, too, which is that it's not two freaking thousand anymore and NBC seriously needs to update its Web presence.

Hey! I have an idea! Why not use a proven distribution method to sell content the day after it appears for free over the air? Wouldn't that be great?

Apparently not.

Come on NBC. Give me my own Olympic moment conveniently located in my home office. I'll pay you for it.



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