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New Apple Gee-Gaws, Shim-Shams And Whatz-Its, But no BonoPod

Invites have gone out for a new Apple event on February 28. Mine must have gotten lost in the mail. Or maybe it's just hidden underneath the couch cushions. Perhaps it was eaten by a grue.

In any case: new! new! new!

Gartenberg reports that the invite says "Come see some fun new products from Apple." This is, apparantly, an entirely different invite than the recent and already notorious fake invite promoting the new red BonoPod that donates a percentage of its profits to battle AIDS.

I'm a believer in the red BonoPod for a variety of reasons. There's been speculation about it for months, and I think it's probably on the way. It seems like a good PR move for Apple, and a red iPod would be kind of sexy.

But I don't think it's coming February 28th.

Why not? Well, remember that Gartenberg reports the invite says "Come see some fun new products from Apple." Call me mr. sensitive pony tail man, but somehow I don't see "combat AIDS" and "fun new products" going together like peas and carrots. That just seems a little crass.

Not that fighting AIDS has to be dreary. It doesn't. But I'll eat my sock if any of Apple's famously hard-working and humorless PR people thought to put those two ideas together.

So what will it be? Who cares. I'll take two. Despite Apple's obsessive secrecy, the company loves the speculation and press it generates with these product announcements. You don't see the Web getting into a tizzy every time Mickey D fires off a press release about a new Dell DJ, do you?

(What's a Dell DJ, you ask? Exactly.)

That's just One More Thing for you to think about.

UPDATE: My colleague Peter Cohen just published more details on the invite. Cohen says the invite features "a large rendering of an iCal-style icon with the date set to February 28, 2006." My thoughts? Steve Jobs just bought leap year. But that's just a hunch.

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