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Macworld Review: RapidWeaver 3.2

My review of RapidWeaver 3.2 went up on Macworld today:
RapidWeaver 3.2.1 is a basic Web site-creation tool that anyone can useā€”even people without Web-publishing experience or HTML knowledge. I used RapidWeaver to design and build a personal site complete with a Weblog, photos, and contact-information pages, as well as a four-page site designed for a home business. Despite some minor problems, I found RapidWeaver to be a very effective application for simple Web publishing.

This was a useful and interesting review. For a beginner wondering where to dive in, it would have been good to have a comparison with iWeb.

Quite good review. Maybe a little unfair on the FTP publishing front though - there's a very helpful and informative forum that would possibly have helped you out with the problems!

I wrote the review, believe it or not, before iWeb came out. I agree a side-to-side comparison would be helpful.

As to the FTP issue, it was the one thing that dragged the review down. Not only did I have problems with FTPing, but so too did my editor. The problem with turning to a forum, or a third-party app for help on this is that Rapidweaver is clearly designed for anyone to use, and as such, it's my belief that the app should be an all-in-one web publishing solution that runs just as advertised.

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