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Fun New Products: Part III, in which we say WTF to a new iPod stereo system and leather iPod cases

Oh, my it's a new iPod Hi-Fi speaker system. Well gee whillikers. Oh, look! And there are some new $99 leather iPod cases as well. Jumping Jehosephat?

Yes, the stereo, at least, signals Apple's further move into the home entertainment space. But it's pretty hard to get revved up about yet another portable iPod stereo system, even if it does come from Apple. It is nice and pretty, in the same way your microwave is pretty, I guess. And not one, but two different product shots on the Apple Store show an Apple Remote sitting next to it, looking remarkably like an Allen wrench. So, it's got that. UPDATE: the more I read about this, the better it sounds. Er. Or seems. It's hard to actually hear it via the electronet.

And, um.... what else? Oh! Did I mention the $99 leather iPod cases? Why, that's a mere $24 more than a leather case from Kate Spade would set you back. But the Apple one is much better, as it only comes in black and won't let you access your controls. I think what Apple meant by "fun," in this case, is "overpriced." Because nothing says fun like paying way too much for something just to get it with an embossed logo.

UPDATE: From the wow that was fast department, iLounge has a picture-laden first look at the iPod Hi Fi up on its site.

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