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Fun New Products: Part II, in which there are new Mac Minis

First out of the gate today: new Intel-based Mac Minis. Intel single and duo core processors, a new version of Front Row, and they're already shipping. Or at least, the single core system is. One bummer, the entry-level Mini is $100 more than the entry level PowerPC based system. I thought one of the Intel pros was that it would make for cheaper machines. We'll see.

But in any case, what welcome news to see Front Row is on the new Mac minis (and, yes, I do think that it justifies the price increase, though I'm still hoping for a cheap Intel system). This has been a long needed-addition to the Mac mini lineup. And Front Row file-sharing via Bonjour also seems like such an obvious piece, it's amazing that it hasn't always been there. As a Mac mini owner, I can attest to how badly the system needed a few more USB ports as well.

This is great addition to Apple's lineup. I don't normally feel the need to run out and buy a new system every time Apple releases one. But in this case, I might seriously consider trading in my current (four-month old!) Mac mini for the newer model. Not because it's faster, but because it's got such great media center capabilities, which is my minis raison d'etre.

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