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Fun New Products: Part I, in which news is broken here first and promises are made

A lot of people, myself included, have speculated that we're going to see films added to the iTMS today at Apple's Fun New Products thingiemaneedle. If this morning is any indication, that appears to be on track. Apple added Academy Awards-nominated shorts to its short films section. It's a significant step as these are the first films produced by companies Apple doesn't have a relationship with. (Previously, all the short films were by Pixar and Disney.)

But, but, but...

This leaves me with a question: If Apple is adding movies to the iTMS today, why add the Academy shorts separately, and with no announcement? It's the standard Chewbacca defense; it makes no sense. Unless, that is, that today's announcements are going to be so big, and so time-consuming, that there's just no room for this. So what will it be? Movies? New iBooks and Minis? New Video iPods? A new Apple-branded TV? I don't know, but my gut tells me it's going to be all about entertainment. After all, Apple is an entertainment and digital lifestyle company now. They were the first big company to realize that computing--at least as we thought of it in the 80s through the first few years of this century--is only one of the many tasks we expect our processor boxes to do. Others include communicating, creating, and entertaining.

In any case. Stay tuned. I'll be writing up news stories on all of Apple's Fun New Products today for Macworld, and addding entries here as we roll.

UPDATE: I almost forgot. Also new on the iTMS today are three new TV shows from Bravo, Project Runway, Inside the Actor's Studio, and Top Chef. For more info, see my story on Macworld/Playlist

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