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iTunes Giveaway Estimates

Reading the spinning plates iTMS counter followup, we found Todd Heidesch's iTunes Stats Page, which predicts when significant numeric milestones will take place. As we write this, his site is predicting that the iTMS will hit 96,700,000 downloads in about 3 minutes, at which point somebody out there will win another "special 20 GB iPod."

One neat thing about this chart, is that it shows sales are already spiking in relative proximity to each of the magic numbers. We suspect people are watching the various iTMS counters and logging on to purchase a track as each of the 100,000 song milestones approaches. The odds of correctly calculating when to purchase a song using a counter are pretty damn bad. Todd's estimates make them significantly better, as you can get a to-the-minute forecast as to when to make your purchase.

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