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WWDC Keynote: A First Reaction

We shall have all the Tiger Tuesday morning quarterbacking you require on, well, Tuesday. However in the meantime, Jason Snell has posted a comprehensive first reaction to Tiger on the Macworld Editor's weblog. Snell makes some points we fundamentally agree with:
  • Good riddance to ADC
  • Spotlight looks to be our favorite feature in the new OS
  • Multi-user iChat is something we have longed for since the first time we tried iChat
  • We know Tigers are predators, but Dashboard seems positively cannibalistic
We will have much more to come on Tiger in the following days. And we are also anxiously awaiting a definitive Philip Michaels' keynote summary.

But in the meantime, we want to know: what was your reaction to today's keynote?

Unlike the other cannibalizations of previous 3rd party developers, this one seems different to me. By making a widget system free to anyone running 10.4 it empowers a ton of new developers who don't have to worry if someone is running a third party interpreter. Tons of people probably had no idea Konfabulator existed.

It always seemed like the growth of K was hampered by the fee. I stopped working on widgets when I realized my audience was tiny compared to one that could be reached with a simple PHP page. In that respect, I could almost equate this to Apple stuffing a free web server into their OS.


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